About Us



VIAVAI is a Fashion Brand for the woman "on the go"

Diana Moya is a visionary Colombian-born designer whose distinct philosophy and passion is for creating timeless, well-fitted pieces that resonate with fashionable women on the go. Diana's journey as a designer began in childhood, admiring her aunt Gladys impeccable self-sewn tailored styles. As a teenager, she moved to the U.S studying fashion design at Otis Parsons in Los Angeles where she won Best Designer awards, including the Critics Award for Bonnie Strauss and the Rudi Gernreich Award in 1996.

After graduation, Diana moved to Milan, Italy earning a Master’s Degree in Fashion Design at The Istituto Europeo di Design IED. Her impressive work garnered her a designer position at Armani - personally chosen by Giorgio Armani amongst 100+ other candidates. Sadly, holding a student visa only meant she could not get the proper EU work visa. As fate would have it, she met a woman in Milan with her own knitwear collection and they became partners co-designing and selling their collection to boutiques all over the world, including Isetan in Japan. Knitwear began to take off  with Azzedine Alaia, a designer that continues to inspire Diana. She fell in love with the versatility and “fitting” properties of the yarn world.  

Later, Diana would design handbags alongside Sabine Devrient, the head designer of accessories for Missoni and Dries Van Notten and work amongst the best, both in Milan and Paris. Returning back to the U.S, Diana designed at knitwear manufacturer Andari Fashion Inc, for private label by clients, including Richard Tyler, BCBG, Guess and BEBE and then launched two knitwear collections under the Andari umbrella that sold to retailers including Intermix, Nordstrom and Anthropologie. These designs were also showcased on catalog covers.

In 2018, she fearlessly launched her self-funded brand, VIAVAI, which aptly translates to "coming and going" in Italian.  Her multicultural experiences- in Colombia, Italy, and the U.S, instilled in her a desire to design for women from all walks of life, inspiring her to craft VIAVAI as a brand that celebrates individuality and embraces the beauty of being constantly on the move - working, playing, living, traveling.

Central to Diana's design philosophy is the commitment to slow fashion. In an era of mass-produced clothing, she firmly believes in quality over quantity, advocating for a sustainable approach that fosters a deeper longer term connection with each piece. Diana's dedication to curating high-quality products that stand the test of time has garnered VIAVAI a devoted following, with her designs becoming cherished heirloom pieces that transcend fleeting trends. 

Drawing inspiration from the contemporary women's dynamic lifestyle, Diana infuses her line with fashionable yet timeless, feminine statement pieces. Her designs seamlessly blend versatility, comfort, and elegance, catering to every girl's wardrobe essentials while empowering them to express their individuality.

Today, VIAVAI styles can be found both online and in boutique stores across the U.S., a testament to Diana's unwavering commitment to her craft and her ability to connect with the modern fashion-conscious woman who embrace their journeys and savor each moment with style and grace.